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The transmission of messages, documents and other information or data via letter is considered to be less reliable, secure and confidential than a transmission by mail or telefax. If we receive an e-mail and are not expressly instructed otherwise, then we conclude that we are entitled to respond and to correspond further with you by e-mail.


Although we check incoming e-mails regularly we do not guarantee that they are timely processed. Further, the receipt of e-mails may be subject to technical or operational interference. We therefore request that time-critical or important notices are sent to us by ordinary mail, courier services or telefax. The sending of e-mails to us does not ensure compliance by you with any statutory, regulatory or other time limits or deadlines. If you want to be certain that your e-mail has been received properly kindly request a confirmation from the recipient.


Please note that the sending of an e-mail does not create an attorney-client relationship between the sender and our lawyers and employees.